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Installation Parabolic DishFascination Amateur RadioAmateur Radio was born in the beginning of the last century. Since that time, Radio Amateurs always have been pioneers in communication technologies. They are fascinated in transmitting pictures, words, morse code or digital data.


We want to inspire young people and give the possibility to get a callsign, so that Amateur Radio can be actively operated in future as it was in the past. NAM-ARC members feel constratined to this chellange.

In Search of the Fox

Homebrew and Experiments

Compared to internet communication or mobile services, Amateur Radio offers the possibility to explore and understand the basics of modern communication. Only Amateur Radio allowes you to build and test selfmade electronic systems.

Advantages in Education and Profession

Many youngsters, found an easy entrance into a technical professionwith the help of Amateur Radio. It is an excellent preparation for a training in information and communication technologies. In job applications an Amateur Radio licence can bring a vital benefit compared to other competitors. 

Selfmade ElektronicPreparation for Radio Amateur Examination

The Radio Amateur Examination is a barrier for many youngsters, for sure. But exactly at that point, NAM-ARC can assist with training material, courses and different events. Fielddays, Lighthouse events or Fox Hunts are very good examples to feel the fascination of Amateur Radio.

NAM-ARC has generated documents for Amateur Radio training and conducts courses in different schools. NAM-ARC will advise technical enthusiasts and provide training for the Radio Amateur Examination.

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Let Amateur Radio, with its versatile techniques, bring the fascination to you!




With the explosive growth of computers and miniturised electronic systems, the question arises if there is still a future for amateur radio.

It is also pointed out that commercially available transceivers