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With its extreme environmental conditions, Namibia poses a special challenge to Amateur Radio:

  • Due to the very thin population density (2.4 habitants per km²) and the enormous dimensions of the country (about 2.5 times larger than Germany), huge distances have to be covered between the radio amateurs. The low or not existing density of industry (no QRM) opens an interesting field for new experiments on the lower hf-bands. Thus - at the moment the attempt is running to connect the 2m Windhoek-Repeater V52WHK to the 80m-band (frequency: 3.755MHz LSB). This enterprise is mainly encouraged by the very low QRM in this band.
  • Huge parts of Namibia are not covered by cell phone or conventional telephone network. This brings a special challenge to amateur radio. It is an enormous advantage to hold the potential for communicaton in these vast areas.
  • On the other hand the constantly arid climate, the extremely clean atmosphere and the high absolute altitude open new chances for space communication such as EME, Meteor-Scatter, sattelite communication or exploration of the cosmological radiation.


Unfortunately, the low density of population also means a low number of people who are interested in amateur radio, and that does not actually make the voluntary work in our club easy. Therefore we always try to give new incentives to our members and to implement activities to attract new members.

The most important field of activity of NAM-ARC divides as follows:

  • junior programs
  • adult education
  • technical working groups
  • experimentation in new test areas
  • organising field days, light-house events and other meetings
  • construction of a reliable long-ranged communication network in Namibia via short wave

If we now have aroused your interest, you are welcome to join our meetings on every Tuesday evening at 6.00 pm. For further information feel free to contact us.



Best 73 de V51WG



Digital filtering on 80m, further development of the squelch for short wave, and first experiences with NVIS-antenna technique.

Digital filtering of a short wave signal:
In order to reduce the noise component, and to achiev

Amateur radio is our hobby and should therefore be interesting and fun. When groups of radio amateurs come together there should be constructive communication on all aspects of our hobby


The basic guidlines for Radio Amateurs:

  • The Radio Amateur is a person with character, he is obliging and considerate to everybody.

  • He will never transmit with the intent to disturb other people.

  • The