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Amateur radio is our hobby and should therefore be interesting and fun. When groups of radio amateurs come together there should be constructive communication on all aspects of our hobby and ways to promote and further it. The radio amateurs' code should be the basis of any interactions.

A radio amateur's status amongst their peers should be measured in terms of their operating and technical achievements and/or contributions to the field of amateur radio. Politics, personal wealth and status in life should not play any role.

Recently, and more particularly at the NARL meeting held on February 7th 2009, there has been much destructive criticism of parties who have made significant contributions to the local amateur radio, by parties who had made very little or no meaningful contributions so far. There was also not much evidence of true ham spirit.

A very negative impression has been created in the minds of a number of NARL members. NAM-ARC has been born out of the desire by its founder members to put the fun and ham spirit back into amateur radio and to develop our hobby to the maximum.


Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of NAM-ARC are clear and achievable. Some of the main aims subscribed to by its founder- and paid-up members are to:

  • Actively promote  the Amateur Radio Operators' Code of Conduct and develop ham spirit among its members;
  • Provide members with the advantage of collective representation and negotiation in all matters affecting amateur radio, both nationally and internationally;
  • Promote goodwill between Namibia and other countries in the world through international radio communication;
  • Promote the benefits of the amateur radio service in all spheres of national and international society;
  • Promote and develop all spheres of amateur radio including, radio and television technologies, computer and electronic communication technologies, space communication, and operating practice and techniques, and to facilitate the exchange of such information among members;
  • Expand the existing reservoir of trained operators, technicians and communications experts within Namibia by providing training in both technical and operating aspects to persons who wish to become licensed amateur radio operators;
  • Advise and assist fellow amateur radio operators in need, on any technical or non-technical aspect of the amateur radio service.



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